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Our mission is to create a system that ensures children with
disabilities grow up in families instead of institutions
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About Us


Our History: EveryChild was formed in July 2000 by child advocates and families concerned about the large number of Texas children with developmental disabilities growing up in facilities instead of families. EveryChild became incorporated as a non-profit as the result of activities by this coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to the development of a system of support for families to provide alternatives to institutional placement of children with disabilities. In trying to learn more about how children with disabilities were being served in families elsewhere, members of the coalition went to Michigan to learn about their system which no longer institutionalized children with disabilities. In addition to supporting parents, one of the elements of Michiganís system was recruitment of other families to enable children to be supported in family homes rather than institutional settings when their parents were unable to care for them at home. In 2002, Nancy Rosenau, Ph.D., with many years of experience in Michigan, came to Texas to work with the EveryChild as Executive Director.

Our focus: Children across the country are living in congregate care facilities like nursing homes, public and private institutions designated for persons with developmental disabilities, and group homes. In Texas alone 1500 children and young adults with disabilities under the age of 22 live in such facilities. The reasons children are placed in facilities are varied and complex. When parents donít have the help they need to care for their children at home, the only option that has been available has been placement in an institution. Various states have built systems that are more or less successful at offering support to families. Our work is targeted at the system in Texas, but we seek to use what has worked elsewhere and we offer to share what has worked in Texas.

Our Organization: EveryChild, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization incorporated in Texas 2000. EveryChild has been generously supported by contracts with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and numerous grants from charitable foundations as well as private donations.

Our Offices: Our main office is in Austin and we also have staff in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Longview.

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Every child needs a family and there is a family for every child