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Our mission is to create a system that ensures children with
disabilities grow up in families instead of institutions
8400 N. MoPac, Suite 201
Austin, TX 78759
Toll Free: 877-742-8844

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We're asking for your donation to help us continue our work on behalf of children with disabilities

We’re proud of our accomplishments in achieving our vision of making family life once again possible for children who would otherwise be growing up in institutions.

  • We have directly assisted almost 400 children to move from facilities to families.
  • Our policy work has affected many more children:
    • More than 4700 children have moved to families from facilities
    • the number of children growing up in large institutions has decreased by 58%

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EveryChild, Inc.
8400 N. MoPac, Suite 201
Austin, TX 78759



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Every child needs a family and there is a family for every child