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Our mission is to create a system that ensures children with
disabilities grow up in families instead of institutions
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We feature stories of real families and real children here to showcase our approach to creating alternatives to institutionalization for children with disabilities.

Shared Parenting family
Shared Parenting
From one Mom to another Mom

A letter written by the mom of a young
man with a disability to the family who provides shared-parenting for him.
Photo of Luis going home
Yolanda and Luis

Luis Goes Home

Two years ago, Luis's life and that of his family changed forever. A horrific car accident put Luis in a coma and in a nursing home. On January 21, Luis went home.


Bethany with her birth and support families
Christmas Day: Bethany, her birth family and her new support family

Two Families-Two Dreams Come True

Christmas 2002. It wasn't an ordinary Christmas present, but it was an ordinary dream- to live with a family. With the help of EveryChild, Inc., Bethany's mother helped her daughter move on Christmas Day from an institution to a family home.

Eric, dad Robert, mom Karla for  A Dallas Cowboy story
Eric, Dad Robert and Mom Karla
A   Dallas Cowboy

Erik nearly died during birth. Mom Karla almost died, too. Two years later Karla helps other birth families of kids with disabilities. When Karla Auten, Family Support Coordinator at EveryChild, talks to families she speaks with a special kind of authority.

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Every child needs a family and there is a family for every child