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Characteristics of Successful Support Families

Successful Support Families are as different and varied as families in general, and as varied as the children who need them.  They may be single individuals, married couples or partners, or multi-generational households.  They may or may not have children of their own, or their children may be grown.  They represent all races, cultures and religions.  They may be active and on-the-go or the quiet stay-at-home type.  They live in houses or apartments, in the city, suburbs or “out in the country.” 

Successful Support Families share some things in common:

  • Enjoy parenting and want to raise a child with a disability
  • Want to make a long-term commitment, possibly even into adulthood
  • Believe in their own strengths and abilities
  • Want to help a child in need
  • Have a strong sense of community
  • Are open to the possibility of sharing parenting with the child’s family
  • Are willing to get specialized training
  • Are willing to participate in a careful matching and transition process
  • Are able to work as a team with a provider agency

You can hear from experienced Support Families caring for children with disabilities by visiting Stories.

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