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disabilities grow up in families instead of institutions
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Promoting Placement Stability

In conjunction with the annual conference of the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare on Promoting Placement Stability, Nancy Rosenau, Executive Director of EveryChild Inc., gave a guest lecture on the topic of children with disabilities in the child welfare system. The lecture compares child welfare and disability service systems in serving children with disabilities in family homes.

Medicaid for Children
with Disabilities

(interactive course)

This online course provides a general overview of Medicaid services for children with disabilities with a focus on long term care benefits, as well as information on Medicaid services and programs specific to Texas. The course covers the purpose and structure of the Medicaid program, the various paths to eligibility, a description of the long term benefits for children with disabilities, Medicaid Waivers, transitioning to adult services, and information on how to access services in Texas. The end of the course includes the option to take a "knowledge check" and print a certificate of completion.



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