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Our mission is to create a system that ensures children with
disabilities grow up in families instead of institutions
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Mother and daughter

Welcome to new visitors, returning visitors, and old friends. We need you all.  

EveryChild, Inc. was created in 2000 by child advocates and families concerned about the large number of Texas children with developmental disabilities growing up in facilities instead of families.   Since then a lot has changed.  Hundreds of children have been able to return to their families or have been welcomed into the homes of community families.  But a lot has not changed.  In Texas and across the country, children with disabilities are being placed in residential facilities instead of growing up with families who have the kind and quality of support they need to thrive. 

By far the most exciting and rewarding accomplishments for us at EveryChild are reflected in the lives of children and young adults we have assisted to move out of institutions and into the loving arms of a well-supported family. We’re very proud; but we’re also very humbled by the number of children who are not living with families and families who are not supported.  Many challenges still elude us in making family life a reality for every child, here at home in Texas and across the country.

We’re deeply indebted to those who have joined us as allies in this important work.  But we need to find more allies to build a system that better supports families and children with developmental disabilities.  We are most grateful to the parents and community families who have been willing to share their stories and their lives with a wider circle of people who love and care for them. These families are the essence of EveryChild.

We’re excited to invite you to visit EveryChild-Online, a virtual community of “system-changers” who are learning together what can work for families and children with disabilities. We hope new and old friends alike will find something of value and practical use on this site, whether you work for an agency looking for ways to provide better services, are a family who would consider taking a child with a disability into your home, a parent looking for care options, or someone working to change the systems of care for children with disabilities and their families.  For our non-Texas visitors, we hope you will find ideas and take away materials and tools that you can adapt to your systems and communities.  Finally, we hope to challenge you and we invite you to challenge us, to continuously grow and improve efforts to make family life possible for every child.

Nancy Rosenau

Executive Director

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Every child needs a family and there is a family for every child