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Our mission is to create a system that ensures children with
disabilities grow up in families instead of institutions
8400 N. MoPac, Suite 201
Austin, TX 78759
Toll Free: 877-742-8844

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Our Work

We engage in activities designed to inform and encourage lasting systems change in the way children with disabilities and families are served in Texas. We use multiple approaches to accomplish this task:

  1. We pull together people, providers, services and supports for children and youth with disabilities currently living in Texas facilities to be able to move to families. 
  2. We partner with providers, community service agencies, and other stakeholders to build interest and capacity to support families in order to reduce the need for use of facility-care. 
  3. We identify systemic opportunities and barriers and work closely with state policy and decision-makers to develop potential strategies and solutions to more effectively support family life for children with disabilities. 
  4. We provide training, technical assistance and consultation regarding strategies and approaches that work.


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Every child needs a family and there is a family for every child